Kukosha content should be bold, meaningful, well thought out and easy to read. Our audience is young African women from different backgrounds and should be as accessible as possible. The whole point is to create content that centres African women and our narratives.

Formatting for articles:

  • A brief personal bio (with full name) and picture
  • Title
  • An intro that could be used for Social media links
  • 800 words maximum (please stick to this unless discussed)
  • Hyperlinks to relevant information/content
  • At least one image to accompany the article

Plagiarism: There will be absolutely no tolerance for plagiarism, and anything that is found to be plagiarised material will be taken down immediately.


  • Politics and power
  • Health, Wellness and Personal growth
  • Relationships, sex and Sexuality
  • Business and Money
  • African Women’s history
  • Creative corner

For any other questions or contributions, feel free to email us at media@kukosha.com